Saloon Brawl 2 a top online fighting game

In some instances gamers just like to have a good old fashioned brawl against a group of bad guys, and go through a whole gauntlet to prove just how tough they are in the fighting game genre.

Karate King game

The simple concept of hand-to-hand combat has been used to make many games, and this flash game serves as another valuable addition to the fighting game genre. Karate King is very similar to games like Saloon Brawl,

Extreme Pamplona – one of the best flash running games

A Torero running with the bulls has been an annual event in various countries where bullfighting is seen as a sport. Extreme Pamplona is a flash game where your platforming skills will be put to the test

Papa Louie 3 review

Playing a flash game often allows you to use your imagination, and the Papa Louie series of games have given gamers plenty of reasons to use their imagination. In this installment one is given the freedom to

SpongeBob Super Brawl 1

Sponge Bob  Super Brawl 1 is the first game of a series started by Nick where characters from different cartoon series broadcasted by the same company ,compete against each other inside a martial art fighting championship. The

Super Sneak robber

Super Sneak is the game that managed to catch me lately so I decided to give it a short review here on my blog. When I first started it, I got instantly intrigued by the introduction screen

Unfair games

The unfair games concept refers to a specific type of games that were intentionally developed in such a way so that the player can’t finish a level without constantly loosing lives, thus forcing him or her to

Ultimate Mario run review

Ultimate Mario run is in my opinion one of the top Mario flash games that were released online during the last 3 years and believe me I have looked for every single title worth playing in this

Top online skateboarding games

Being a skateboard fan myself, when I’m not out trying some new tricks or cruising along the park alleys on the longboard I enjoy having some virtual online fun by playing some nice skateboarding games on the

Sleeping caveman

Today I choose to review a funny game called Sleeping Caveman that I really enjoyed playing again and again as it got me addicted quite fast. The title appeared back in 2013 just when the endless running