Angry birds Rio online – flash game review

The Angry Birds franchise has been successful in the mobile games department, but how does it stack up as a flash game? Angry Birds Rio is a spin-off flash game that crosses over with the universe of the Disney and Pixar film Rio.
Angry birds rio online intro
All of the levels that you play in this game feature one core theme, which is to free numerous caged birds from their unpleasant environments. One element of the original Angry Birds games is exclusively featured in this game, and that would be the slingshot feature. You pull back on the slingshot and launch birds out of it to hit the varying obstacles that prevent the caged birds from escaping. In order to clear a level you must break free all of the caged birds.
Angry birds rio level 2
There are a few things that you will notice right away when you play this game. You will have to get used to the mechanics of the slingshot. You will have to adjust your aim depending on the positioning of the caged birds and the obstacles. The good thing about the launching process is that you are given a trail of dots that will show where your last shot went. This especially helps when deciding where to aim at next. The deeper you go into Angry Birds Rio the higher the difficulty levels will become as the puzzles will take more strategic planning to solve.
Angry birds rio level 4
Sometimes I had a hard time judging how far off I was from hitting my targets when I tried adjusting the aim of the slingshot. There were a couple of puzzles that threw me off balance as I had to go back to the drawing board. What I found extremely helpful was the fact that my progress was automatically saved after my first time playing. When you go back to playing Angry Birds Rio you will be able to resume play from the highest level that you previously reached.

Around Level 1-6 you will switch from round red birds to smaller blue birds to launch out of your slingshot, which starts changing the dynamics of the game. The blue birds will be switched out for the yellow birds and so on. A nice touch was the star rating system where after you completed a level you could get anywhere from 1 to 3 stars.

Angry Birds Rio is an overall fun experience for gamers who want to map out strategies for knocking down towers that resemble the collapse of a Jenga tower. The challenging puzzles become great but they can be figured out. Packed with colorful sprites and solid mechanics, Angry Birds Rio is definitely worth playing.

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