Bomb it – game review

The more simplistic flash games tend to feature the more simplistic gameplay mechanics, and if you are looking to play a flash game that takes little time to get used to, then Bomb It might be the game for you. Once you start playing Bomb It you will immediately notice some similarities between its gameplay style and the gameplay style of the Bomberman series. The objective in Bomb It is the same as it was in the old school Bomberman games where you need defeat or outlast everyone else on the battlefield to win. The designs of the battlefields in Bomb It pay homage to the Bomberman games.
bomb it character select screen
The one noteworthy visual difference would be that the characters you play as resemble robots, and these robots look appealing. During gameplay, you will guide your character through the battlefield and you will be able to collect power-ups that will help you blaze a path of destruction. Players can launch missiles, extend the range of their explosions, increase their speed, unleash fire attacks, bust out the Bomb Kick attack, and even put up a shield to defend themselves.
bomb it level 1
Scoring points is another effective way of keeping you in the game because if you score the most points during a battle, you will outlast your opponents. You can score points based on how much of the level you destroy, how many power-ups you collect and whether or not you eliminate your opponents by force. Depending on the difficulty level you are playing on, the battles can get very competitive and if you are not careful, you might get trapped between an obstacle and a bomb.

It was certainly an engaging experience for me when I played Bomb It because even when I failed to pass a level, I wanted to go right back in and try again. I believe this is the kind of game you could play many times and find creative ways to stay engaged. The graphics of Bomb It took on the lighthearted looks of the classic board game Candy Land and then mixed in the bold looks of science-fiction graphic novels to give the game a distinct look of its own. However, there were points in the game when I felt like my character wasn’t responding to the moves I wanted it to make. If I wanted to go left, there was a delay before I went left. Also, the computer AI on Easy Mode felt a bit too easy than what I was used to. If the opposition is presented as being too easy then players might lose interest. Overall I highly recommend playing Bomb It as a quick playthrough.

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