Action Archive review

The .io games craziness started in April 2015 when the first title of this genre called was released online, thus giving the option to thousands of players to compete against each in a deadly survival match.

Freddy Run 3 – a major change for the series

Freddy Run 3 comes as the 3rd episode of the Freddy Nightmare Run series and set’s a new standard in terms of quality for this trilogy as the main character just got a new set of abilities

Super Mario back in time

I must say right from the start that I got really excited when I discovered “Mario back in time” game available online, because it creates a bridge between the first games of the series and our modern

Mario running challenge

We continue our journey into the fantastic world of Mario and we will talk about an outstanding running game featuring our great hero off course, where he is on a constant run away course to escape the

Super Mario Magic World

I’ve been a fan of Mario games since I was just a kid and played the first title of “Mario bros.” series on my old NES console. Mario as you know is the most beloved and popular

Run Red Run

I think everybody knows the fairytale about the Little Red Ridding Hood, yet not everybody may have discovered that the little girl got into online games lately. I must say right from the start that I really