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Papa Louie 3 review

Playing a flash game often allows you to use your imagination, and the Papa Louie series of games have given gamers plenty of reasons to use their imagination. In this installment one is given the freedom to

Super Mario Bros Crossover review

Super Mario Crossover is a flash based project started and developed by Jay Pavlina at that got really popular on the internet over the last 6 years. The game is build by using the original Super

Pirate Run Away

I know it’s been quite a while since I posted my last game review, so for today I have picked something really special. It’s a Pirate thematic game called “Pirate Run Away”. As you probably observed, just

Super Mario flash – game review

Many of us gamers remember the simplistic approaches that the original Super Mario Bros. Games used, and these simplistic approaches made up one key part of the selling point behind these games. Even though the Mario franchise

Ninja Ben in Winterland

Get ready as our old friend Ninja Ben strikes again. This time we shall follow our brave warrior high in the mountains of Winterland for a special training out in the cold.Just as Ben is starting his

Ninja Ben in Mario’s world

A new hero is rising on the flash games arena , his name is Ninja Ben. Ben is a brave Japanese warrior that fights for justice and tries to help all those who suffer. This time he

Super Mario Hero

Have you ever wondered how a 3 in 1 game would look like? Well here is your answer to this question: In our current flash games review we will talk about “Mario hero”, an outstanding title where

Mario Christmas Challenge

It’s Christmas eve and the snow has peacefully set over the Kingdom of Mushrooms creating a beautiful nice, but cold landscape just like in a fairytale. Santa Clause is on his way to deliver the gifts to

Mario jungle trouble

Once again the classic tale of the damsel in distress is reinvented with fresh and new challenges by our current title “Mario Jungle Trouble”. The game focuses on the well known story of Princess Peach being kidnapped

Ninja Ben running game

Meet Ninja Ben, a brave young warrior that completed his training in the secret art of ninjutsu and now must take his final exam by proving his master that he is ready to receive his first mission.