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Run 3 review

Run 3 is the latest episode of the Run series, a series of online games that addicted hundreds of thousands of players all over the world. The goal of this 3rd installment is similar to it’s previous

Extreme Pamplona – one of the best flash running games

A Torero running with the bulls has been an annual event in various countries where bullfighting is seen as a sport. Extreme Pamplona is a flash game where your platforming skills will be put to the test

Ultimate Mario run review

Ultimate Mario run is in my opinion one of the top Mario flash games that were released online during the last 3 years and believe me I have looked for every single title worth playing in this

Sleeping caveman

Today I choose to review a funny game called Sleeping Caveman that I really enjoyed playing again and again as it got me addicted quite fast. The title appeared back in 2013 just when the endless running

Pac Man Dash Mini review

Pac Man Dash refers to a great Android / IOS title were Pac Man gets a fresh new look and also has the chance to step out of the maze for the first time in an official

Freddy Nightmare run 2 review

In one of our previous articles we reviewed a nice runner type of game that really cached our attention at that particular time. The game goes by the name Freddy Nightmare Run and if you played it

Cursed Mario

As you probably know just by looking at the games I like to review, you can easily tell that I’m a big fan of online Mario games so let me tell you a few words about a

Freddy Nightmare Run review

Freddy Nightmare Run is one of those games that really makes a difference for me so in the following lines I would like to provide a detailed review about my experience while playing.I must say that I

Mario Egypt Run review

Super Mario and his love Peach traveled in Egypt in vacation. They want to visit the Great Pyramids and have a great time together while resting and having fun at the same time. As we all know

Running fred game review

There are some flash games out there that present unique challenges to the player, and these challenges range from obscure and silly to methodical and masochistic. Running Fred would be a clear example of the latter. When