Papa Louie 3 review

Papa Louie 3

Playing a flash game often allows you to use your imagination, and the Papa Louie series of games have given gamers plenty of reasons to use their imagination. In this installment one is given the freedom to explore an imaginary island loaded with a dessert theme as they will try to rescue Papa Louie and his friends in this game called Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!




Papa Louie 3 is a “collectathon” style platforming game where your main task will be to get to the end of each level and rescue various characters who were captured by different bosses. This title features typical jumping abilities that remind players of the classic Super Mario games, and with all the golden coins spread throughout each level you are given more of that Mario feel.

Every level contains 6 missions that you will need to complete in order to 100% finish the game. These missions will vary from rescuing other characters to finding citizens who call a level their home, and there will also be missions where you need to collect all of one specific item. Each level has alternate paths that you can take which will lead you to different ending points.

The level layout has a unique format where you go through the first 3 levels in a straight line, but then it rounds out to form an island beginning in levels 4 and 5. While you will think about having dessert as you go through levels, this game captures the environment of a tropical paradise very well.


It really helps when you have an inventory bar on the bottom of the screen that will let you know how much items you have collected in a level. When you are exploring through a level you would like to know how much more items you still need to collect or how many more enemies you need to defeat. This inventory bar keeps track of the coins and points you collect, the number of sundaes you defeat, how much time you have spent in a level, and how much health you have in heart icons.

One key appeal of Papa Louie 3 is the variety of playable characters you will have. Papa Louie runs his own pizzeria and he can glide with the help of his chef hat. Utah is a tourist who has great swimming abilities. Lisa carries a jump rope and specializes in dashing. Robby is dressed like a pirate as he carries an anchor around, and he’s great at wall climbing. Many characters that you can play as will have their own distinct features, both in appearance and ability.


The playful sound effects and the cheerful tropical music of Papa Louie 3 will definitely remind players of Super Mario games. The cartoony feel and the lighthearted presentation of the graphics make this game easy to play for anyone. The use of enemies in this game was very imaginative as you will take out enemies such as pineapples wearing sunglasses, marshmallows in business suits, bananas in pajamas, exploding cherry bombs, and of course large ice cream sundaes.

I highly recommend playing Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! I found this game to be very entertaining and interesting. I especially liked the level designs, and that includes Neapolitan Town. This unique level has chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream themes spread throughout and it reminds me of a level in Super Mario Sunshine. Papa Louie 3 is a great experience in flash gaming.

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