SpongeBob Super Brawl 1

Sponge Bob  Super Brawl 1 is the first game of a series started by Nick where characters from different cartoon series broadcasted by the same company ,compete against each other inside a martial art fighting championship. The game is built in the classic manner of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 where two players will fight a two rounds match in order to qualify for the next stages until only one will remain to actually win the pyramidal tournament and become the Super Brawl Champion.

Super Brawl 1Once the game starts you are given the option to choose between three different modes: Training, Arcade and Tournament, and right after this you will be prompted to select your desired character.

Super Brawl 1 charactersThe available characters aka the fighters available in Super Brawl 1 are listed bellow:

  • SpongeBob from the SpongeBob Square Pants cartoon series,
  • Otis, the main protagonist of the Barnyard tv show
  • Rico the head of demolition and storage for the Penguins of Madagascar
  • Timmy also known as Tiberius Turner the main protagonist of another great animation series called the Fairly Odd Parents.
  • Aang a brave Shaolin warrior, the last survivor of Airbender from the Avatar animated television series
  • Danny Phantom also known as Danny Fenton a young boy that is half human and half ghost who has the role to protect the citizens of Amity Park from the incoming ghosts who managed to penetrate the Fenton Portal.
  • King Joulien the self proclaimed “Lord of the Lemors” also coming from the “The Madagascar” show.
  • The Cyborg Dolphin called Dr. Blowhole an evil scientist and super villain appearing  in the  Penguins of Madagascar, a character that needs to be unlocked by wining the Tournament mode.

Super Brawl 1 SpongeBobEach of the characters mentioned above have their own fighting style combining a different set of combo hits, special attacks and super natural abilities in the style of “haddouken”, yet there is something that really makes this game stand up in front of other arcade style fighting titles both classic or modern and that particular thing is the fact that this one has lot’s of humor involved. It’s like watching one of those great Hollywood movies featuring Jackie Chan who manages to perfectly balance the action with the humor.

Super Brawl 1  koFor those of you that will play for the first time I really recommend choosing the Training mode in order to get yourself comfortable with how the game handles so that once you shall fight your first match to stand a good chance against your opponent.

Talking a bit about the graphics and music I must say that I’m really impressed how this game looks and sounds. The fact that each stage features backgrounds scenes from your current opponent habitat really gives the game a tournament like feeling, add the vivid colors plus funny animations for each character and all sort of face grimaces plus a great variety of sounds and you should get the perfect recipe for having fun while playing online games inside your browser.

My favorite character that I like to play with it, is SpongeBob  Square Pants as it somehow reminds me of Ryu from Street Fighter 2


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