Top online skateboarding games

Being a skateboard fan myself, when I’m not out trying some new tricks or cruising along the park alleys on the longboard I enjoy having some virtual online fun by playing some nice skateboarding games on the web. As I’m quite sure that many of you also love this kind of sport here is a quick list of my favorite ones.

Street Sesh olie over stairs

  1. First comes Street Sesh witch is undoubtedly the most popular of all. When released this game amazed the players as it was the first browser based one that managed to offer the same quality as one would expect from more advanced  PC or console game engines. Street Sesh got played by millions and millions of people word wide and it still manages to keep a well deserved place in the hall of fame for best sport games even though was released years ago. Being my favorite title also I took some time to write in in depth review that you can find here Street Sesh review.

Street Skate game

  1. Second place is taken by Street Skate – Bay City Grind, another great 3D game that is build in a similar manner with the one that is placed first in our top. Street Skate is also known among internet players as “Street Sesh 3” as it looks like a cloned version of the first one using similar graphics and game play, yet the tricks and stunts list is a bit more complex and a lot larger also. I also made a dedicated review to this tile that you can read here: Street Sesh 3 review

Freestyle Skate game

  1. Freestyle Skate game get’s the last place on the podium featuring a nice level editor that gives you the option to create your own version of a skate park by placing all sort of obstacles, ramps, cones and such just as you desire. Once you finished placing all the assets on the scene you are ready to roll and test your setup. The game also has a “Competition mode” were you are encouraged to complete different type of challenges. A unique thing this game has to offer is the fact that the user is able to choose between four different player characters: two males and two females and three different scenes.

Skateboard jam game

  1. Skateboard Jam is the fourth title in my top and this game is all about speed and performing crazy skateboarding tricks in order to impress the audience. Your mission is to complete a urban challenge by finding your way towards the finish line as fast as you can. Inside this game the actual player is able to interact with different backgrounds elements witch he can choose to either smash it, or use it for grinding. Skateboard Jam was developed by the same team that released Street Skate, Silent Bay Studio one of the best 3D game developers for online platforms.

Downhill jam game

  1. Downhill Jam get’s placed fifth on my scale and in case you did not know this one was developed by “Etnies” the same company that also build Street Sesh. Once you start playing your goal is to collect all the bonus boxes that hide different type of branded skating shoes and as much dollar bills as you can before reaching the base of the hill. You must also void getting hit by running cars on the crowded streets or crash into obstacles that are specially placed to slow you down. There is a small thing that I find a bit of embarrassing  when talking about this title covered by the fact that the ramp jumps are way to exaggerated giving the player the impression that he managed to jump over 10 meters in height.  At the end once you reach the finish line you are prompted to enter a name near your score in order to have it displayed in the online general list for highest scores as recorded by different players from all over the world.

Sewer run game

  1. Sewer Run takes the sixth place on my chart, being a nice built game that I enjoyed playing a lot at the time it appeared online. What I liked most about Sewer Run was the feature that displayed the character in a slow motion action by using different camera angles, thus giving the player the best opportunity to perform all sort of outstanding skating stunts. What I did not like relates to the fact the game has a weapon like system just as you would normally find in a Mario kart game that you can use against the other riders. My personal belief is that sport games should stick to “fair play”. Other then this I have no other objections as the game surely is really fun to play.


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