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Ultimate Mario run is in my opinion one of the top Mario flash games that were released online during the last 3 years and believe me I have looked for every single title worth playing in this category. For those of you that heard about Super Mario Fusion Revival and got curious to download and play it, you will quickly find the source of inspiration for the title we take into review for today.

As runners became more and more popular with the expansion of games being developed for the mobile market and all the developers efforts are directed towards Android and IOS applications, the flash games section looks somehow empty, yet once in while a good running game get’s to be published online so that people can still have fun by playing on their Laptop or PC.

UltimateMarioRun_start Ultimate Mario run is exactly one of those games that perfectly subscribes to the words written above because as you can easy observe once you start to play, it will get you addicted pretty fast.  The game’s “Start menu” screen somehow acts like an introduction for the challenging battle that is about to start as it sets the two main characters, Super Mario and Chain Chomp Shark face to face just like in arcade fighting type of game were both are waiting for the gong. Once you click the “START button” you will be prompted to choose between two different skins for Super Mario, the old pixel guy version and the more recent one.

UltimateMarioRun_select_character From now, you are ready to go, but listen to my words, just as the first level loads start to run like crazy as the hungry Chain Chomp Shark will follow closely smashing anything in his way while trying to catch you and crush your bones. I know this is a run for your life thing but try to get the bonus “? Mark” blocks smashed by jumping from beneath them in order to get yourself the magnifying red Mushroom that will give you a second chance against the usual enemies such Goomba, Koopa, Spiny and the Mole. First level is not that difficult to beat and I believe that everyone should be able to complete it within a maximum of 5 tries.

Ultimate Mario Run level1The action inside this stage takes part in the outer world were Super Mario needs to be able to complete the course by continuously running and jumping on suspended platforms hanging in the air, in order to reach the checkpoint marked by a yellow pipe that will take him down into the underground world. There is no way for Mario to fight back against his enemies inside this game other then jumping on their heads or keeping a safe distance so be prepared to master the controls like a pro if you want to stand a chance as it’s about skills this time.

Second level starts with a short animation showing Mario coming down from a pipe, falling deep into the underground world so one might have the false belief that the Chain Shark won’t follow as he got smashed pretty hard into the wall when our hero managed to avoid his attack in the last moment by entering the pipe. Things are not easier for Mario in the underground as this place hides even more dangerous things such as burning lava rivers, the evil Mole and a succession of truly challenging obstacles.

Ultimate Mario Run level2Mario’s only hope to remain safe is to run and try to reach the checkpoint at the end of the level also represented by a pipe that will gave him some time to rest and plan his escape route inside level 3, a level that is more like an extension for the previous one yet featuring a more difficult approach by using an increasing number of obstacles and many on the edge situations. There will be some hard areas where you will have to calculate your jumps with surgical precision as your landing platform is only wide enough to support your footprints.

Ultimate Mario Run level3Also there is a tricky part especially at the start of this level where you need to catch the first elevator platform where in order to successfully make it you will need to jump a bit earlier as the elevator still goes down looking like you just jumped in vane, yet this will save your life as the elevator moves quite fast and there is no other way to catch it on time rather then this.

Ultimate Mario Run level4Same thing applies for the beginning of the 4th level once Mario exits again into the outer world this time trying to escape by running towards the castle. At some points during this stage it might look to you that you are dealing with something like “mission impossible”  as you will find yourself standing on a suspended block with nothing ahead  rather the a “! mark” item  to jump on and only 2 seconds away from getting chewed by the Chain Shark. Probably you will decide to jump on the small “! mark” item thus finding your salvation as a hidden path will instantly appear helping you to continue. This won’t be the last time to deal with this kind of situation so be warned.

You finish the 4th level by entering inside a mini castle, yet no time to rest here either as the Chain Shark will quickly follow you inside. Here you will have to deal with a new type of enemy, the black spider that has spread his net all over the walls in his effort to slow you down.

Ultimate Mario Run level4 castleIf you manage to get over all obstacles and reach the end of this level, there will be a special item waiting for you to activate it, that will collapse a roof filled with spikes over the Chain Chomp Shark, thus setting you free from your follower and giving the long waited precious resting moment.

Ultimate Mario Run level5

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